13 Sep 2018

Avoiding The Most Common SEO Mistakes

Website owners spend a lot on search engine optimization. But, very few succeed in getting the desired result. This is because; they target on Seo but use wrong tools Every day we come across numerous web sites and probably like few of them. This all depend on how optimized your website is. Following are few mistakes which should be avoided while optimizing your website.

Some of the most common SEO errors are pointed out and briefed as follows:

Picking a Poor Content Management System 

Unfortunately, many CMSs lack even basic SEO features, such as the ability to select title tags, headings, and anchor text. Other CMSs may allow these basics, but aren’t crawler-friendly or create massive duplicate content.

Duplicating that unique and valuable description. 

Many sites will copy paste their new unique content onto 3rd party sites like eBay, Amazon and co’ thereby creating a type of content duplication. Sure, the description first appeared on your site and the search engines should recognize this, but why take the risk.

Not linking to your top pages with your top terms on your home page 

The categories you display on your home page should be thought through in terms of SEO. Same with your tag cloud if you have one. And the “design tips” that you feature. In your mind translate “design tips” into “Tips for which I most want to get to the top of Google.”

Anchor text 

If you want to get high rank for any particular keyword, you need to build back links with that keyword as anchor text. Suppose if you want to get rank for keyword “development tips”, you need to build backlink with anchor text “development tips”. So most of the people build 100% of their link with their main keyword. But that’s one of the big mistakes in SEO. Best advice is build 90% of your links with your main keyword for which you want to get rank and use some variation of your main keyword for rest of the 10%. This will help most.

Duplicate or Bad Content 

Ensuring your content is unique and relevant is vital in SEO success. Often websites just duplicate content or bring in plagiarized content from other websites. Write some decent and unique content or maybe search online and find someone who can actually write you decent unique content for a fee. Make it good, friendly and unique content that people will want to link too.

Bad Internal Page Links 

It is very good to have as many links as possible inside our own pages which links to other pages in the same website. Therefore the dead internal links should be removed.

Keyword Selection 

Some people focus on very popular keywords which may not be relevant to the site. This can be harmful for search engine optimization. Therefore we need to focus in keyword selection, which can be done using different tools like Google Adwords Keywords.

Ignoring the Analytics of Your Website 

Internet marketer should not ignore the site’s analytics because the report you can get here is very detailed. You will see what page or pages in your site is the most viewed you will also see where the clicks are coming from. Google Analytics is the best tool they can tell you how many people came to your website, how they got there and what they did to move the needle on your marketing campaign.

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